Wireless Medicine


 A revolution is underway in the medical field, and Dr. Eric Topol is leading the charge. This medical visionary asks, “Why do we have billions of dollars being wasted each year for screening … and the wrong drugs … and the wrong everything. It’s astounding, and we just can’t go on like this!”

Dr. Topol, long one of the world’s foremost cardiologists, has now become the preeminent expert in the world of wireless medicine. Wireless medicine is a new term and a new concept to most of us. It turns a smart phone into a portable laboratory. With a small attachment, it has the capacity to do echo-cardiograms, sonograms, blood tests, sweat tests, saliva tests, and much more, right in the doctor’s office … or wherever you are. Whatever test you need, there’s an APP for that.

He says wireless medicine will provide better and cheaper healthcare. For example, 20 million echo-cardiograms are done a year, at the cost of $800 each. With wireless medicine – a laboratory on a smart phone – the cost will drop to $100. It can be done remotely – from the comfort of your own home – and sends the results instantly to your doctor. What you see on your phone is what the doctor sees, at the same time, while you’re on the phone with him or her.

“Anything we do can be done remotely. Everything the hospital intensive care unit does now, this does wirelessly.”

Another example: A “heart attack ringtone” can be installed on your phone, to give you a 1–to- 2-week warning when your cells indicate there’s danger of a heart attach.

In some cases, a small sensor on your body will communicate with the APP on your phone. For the heart-attack ringtone, a nano-sensor, “smaller than a grain of sand”, in your blood stream will alert you. Your body will be under constant surveillance.

Dr. Topol says, “Medicine today is about as wasteful as one can imagine. $350 billion – one-third of which is a total waste – for giving a drug that doesn’t work and, even worse, backfires with side effects. So that’s $100 billion just from prescription medication.

“And what about mass screening – every woman should have a mammogram every year, colonoscopies, PSA – treating everyone the same? That’s medicine dumbed down. That’s crazy!”

He sees a future in which one’s medical care will be specific and unique to each person, in which the patient will take ownership of the data. The new medicine will be about understanding each individual. “Wouldn’t you like to have that data?” he asks. “And wouldn’t you like to help call the shots?”

This is not some Star-Trek concept for someone in the distant future to develop. It already exists, and it has been approved by the FDA — in December 2012.

According to Dr. Topol, this powerful device is the future of medicine. To learn more about it, watch this video on which Dr. Topol was interviewed by Dr. Nancy Snyderman on NBC’s Rock Center.

wireless medicine video

And for your reading pleasure you may want to read more about Dr. Topol’s work in his book: The Creative Destruction of Medicine


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