Senior RV Camping

Remember what it was like to go camping?
• Waking up beside a mountain stream.
• Mouth-watering aromas of coffee brewing and bacon frying.
• An appetite that won’t quit.
• An early morning hike in the crisp, cool air.
• A dip in the lake before lunch.
• Napping or reading in a tree’s afternoon shade.
• Watching the moon rise and the stars twinkle.
• The smell of a wood fire and the taste of toasted marshmallows.
• Cuddling in warm, cozy sleeping bag or bed.

The Golden Ager RV Camping Lifestyle

A lot of Golden Agers are rediscovering the joys of camping while discovering the fun and relative ease of RV camping. Some prefer striking out on their own and finding a spot on an unbeaten path while others really love pulling into an RV park full of kindred spirits.

RV parks all over America, Mexico and Canada offer diverse adventures in RV camping. Even San Francisco has an RV park, on Treasure Island. Within a few miles of Denali National Park (formerly Mt. McKinley) there are several, with full amenities. In Ontario, Canada, you’ll find Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Camp Resorts, with access to Toronto, the Great Lakes, and Niagara Falls. Southeast of Guadalajara, Mexico, and south of Lake Chapala, is a delightful RV campground. Florida is a wonderland of RV parks everywhere you look. Virtually any place you can mention has at least one RV park. Whatever type of RV vacation experience you wish, from seaside to desert to city to mountain top, it’s available and waiting for you to get there.

National Parks with RV camping accommodations include: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, Glacier, Grand Teton. I believe I can safely say that all National Parks have RV camping facilities nearby.

Senior RV Camping

My research turns up several RV parks exclusively for retirement-age folks, generally 55 and better. Some people live there year ‘round while others come and go. Some parks have annual space leases for people who return to the same space in the same park and enjoy the same neighbors year after year.

Winter RV Camping

Snowbirds Millie and Joe come south from North Dakota to the Hemet Desert Sky RV Park & Retirement Community for 6 months of RV camping every winter. They fly into Palm Springs International Airport and head for Hemet, 42 miles away. After grocery shopping at Winco they hook up the RV, which was stored during their 6-month absence, and settle in. Everything is right where they left it. Their good friends, Paula and Rod, from Bozeman, Montana, arrive at their 6-months-on/6-months-off RV home the same day. Their tradition is to crack a bottle of chilled champagne for a toast with Millie and Joe on their first night back in the Southern California desert.

Some parks have RV rentals, so you don’t even have to own one. This is a good way to find out if you’d like an RV retirement without the initial purchase expense. Some RV owners leave their vehicle at the park and rent it out while they’re gone. (This option is not available at all parks.)

Full hookups include water, RV waste dump, electricity, cable TV, phone. WiFi and cable are available at many locations. Those who eschew the RV park experience in favor of the wild open spaces must find stations where they can dump their waste and refill their water tanks. It’s advisable to be very stingy with the water, since, if you’re out on your own, when you run out you have to go find a place where you can resupply. Laundry facilities are available.

What about mail delivery for RVers who stay on the road awhile? There’s a unique service called Mailbox Forwarding that works this way: You have your mail sent to your mailbox at Mailbox Forwarding, They scan the outside of the envelope and show it to you via email. You tell them if you want their staff to open and scan the contents, shred and recycle the item, or forward-ship it to your home or business address. We’re assured, it’s secure.

Most RVers bring along bicycles, a scooter, or compact car for short trips once the RV is parked and hooked up.

RV Camping is about Comfort, Familiarity and Convenience

RV camping aka RVing is a way of life, and many people of all ages are passionate about it. It’s not uncommon to meet people who don’t understand and think you’ve misplaced a few marbles. They may say things like, “That’s not camping! You brought your whole house with you.” And you smile smugly thinking that when it rains or snows you’re snug and cozy. Or when they’re being eaten alive by mosquitoes you’re safe inside. Yet, you have the option, if you wish, to sleep outdoors. You have the best of both worlds.

Someone might say, “I sure wouldn’t want to drag that thing all over the country.” Or, “A gas guzzler like that just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

They just don’t get it. RVing is a lifestyle. It’s not generally about saving money; it’s about the adventure and the experience. It’s about freedom. It’s about movement. It’s about camaraderie and instant friendships. RV camping is about comfort, familiarity and convenience.

RV aficionado Tess enjoys the ability to cook supper while husband Steve drives, or vice versa. When they arrive at their destination, dinner is ready. Tess says, “After a couple days on the road, we appreciate our own cooking. Roadside restaurant food all tastes the same.” When the grandchildren accompany them, the kids don’t have to stay strapped into their seats, bored to death. They can walk around, get a soda from the fridge, and play Chinese Checkers at the table. And with their own bathroom, they don’t have to wait for the next gas station or put up with sometimes unsanitary public restrooms.

RVers choose this lifestyle and wouldn’t have it any other way. That doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes choose something else, and it doesn’t mean they will choose a RV camping life forever. It just means that they are happy wanderers, living life on their own terms at this time.

For tips on purchasing an RV – new or used – or comprehensive lists of RV ratings, do an internet search. Several sites offer excellent information. There are many different types of RVs, from a converted school bus to a rock star motor coach, and include campervan, motorhome, truck camper, popup camper, travel trailer or teardrop trailer, fifth-wheel trailer, park model travel trailer and toy hauler, which is designed to haul and store motorcycles and ATVs. Some trailers have pop-out rooms and roll-out awnings which expand the living space.

Many retirees have adapted to life on the road in mobile, Senior RV camping accommodations with all the comforts of home, which have indeed become the full time home of many.

Happy Trails RV Camping



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