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The Poodwaddle World Clock Will Knock Your Socks Off

This little piece of technology — the Poodwaddle World Clock — is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Whether you’re casually curious or doing research for a doctoral dissertation, you’ll find it fascinating — perhaps indispensable. What does it do? Well, what doesn’t it do?!

The Poodwaddle World Clock gives up-to-the-second real-time numbers on various topics. In some categories (World Population) the numbers change so rapidly they’re hardly more than a blur. It’s divided into categories, each of which is divided into sub-sections (listed at end of article)[i]:

  • World Population
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Food Consumption Worldwide
  • US National Debt
  • Global World Production
  • Crime Statistics
  • Smile, it ain’t all bad! (Miscellaneous)

But wait! There’s more!

As if that weren’t enough, it also does all this:

  • Time: it tells what the time it is anywhere in the world, by city and country, in alphabetical order.
  • Date: events that occurred on this day in history, in chronological order. On October 8, the day I researched it for Golden Agers Rock!, it went all the way back to 1075 A.D., when Dimitar Zvonimir was crowned King of Croatia. Now admit it, you wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight without knowing that, would you? If you want  to know about historical events on a different day, just click on the calendar n any day you want.
  • Life: You can take a short free test, then wait a few seconds while it calculates your life expectancy, based on your family history and your own lifestyle. You don’t have to give your personal information or buy anything.

This be-all, do-all clock is extremely well done and user-friendly.

If you’re not intrigued by this unbelievably high-tech piece of equipment, I’ll be very much surprised. You might, for instance, want to know how many ducks have been eaten, worldwide, or how many camels, this year; or how much of the (U.S.) national debt is yours; how much revenue has changed hands this year in the drug trade; how much beer is produced. Whatever you want to know, it’s a pretty good bet you can find it right here.

Note: You may wonder about its strange name. Here’s the explanation from its inventors: The word “Poodwaddle” comes from a friend who, when he could not think of the right word, would say “poodwaddle”. Thus the word is sort of an educated interjection … sounds a lot smarter than saying “um” and can substitute for so many words.

Check it out … and be prepared to watch your socks fly off your feet. Come back often for new information and to monitor changes on the Poodwaddle World Clock.

[i] Subsections:

  • Population:
  •     Demographics (3 sub-categories)
  •     Geographical Region (6 sub-categories)
  •     Mortality due to:
  •        Injury (9 sub-categories)
  •        Infectious Diseases (16 sub-categories)
  •        Non-communicative Disease Causes: (11 sub-categories)
  •        Other causes (11 sub-categories)
  • Environment (4 categories)
  • Energy:
  •     Oil (6 sub-categories)
  •     Electricity (4 sub-categories)
  • Food:
  •     Livestock slaughter (12 sub-categories)
  •     Milk & Eggs
  •     Cereal
  •     Vegetables & Melons
  •     Fruits
  •     Seaweed
  • U.S. National Debt
  • Total
  •     Per person
  •     Per taxpayer
  • Gross World Product
  • Global Public Debt
  • Global Taxes
  • Military Expenditures
  • Crime (11 sub-sections)
  • Drug Trade Revenue
  • U.S. ID Fraud victims
  • U.S. Fraud Cost
  • Smile (9 miscellaneous sub-categories)



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