How to Do Continuous Chest Compression CPR

Continuous Chest Compression CPR is…

Easier to Learn,

Easier to Perform,

and MORE Effective than

Traditional CPR

Cardiac arrest claims someone’s life every 60-seconds!  Heart attacks happen without warning and can happen to anyone, at any time and any place even when you’re sleeping. When it happens, a person’s best chance at survival is contingent upon two very important factors. The most important of those factors is that someone is nearby that can administer continuous chest compression CPR and the second factor is how quickly the CPR technique is administered.

For every minute that lapses, from the time of cardiac arrest to the administration of continuous chest compression CPR, the patient’s survival rate drops 10 percent.  A 5-minute lag-time reduces the survival rate by 50 percent.  That’s why it’s imperative to begin CPR as quickly as possible.

The ease of Continuous Chest Compression CPR lends itself to rapid implementation because…


  • Check for a Pulse
  • Clear the Patient’s Airway or
  • Perform Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation!

All you have to do is start continuous chest compression CPR at a rate of 100 compressions per minute.

Watch this short video to learn this life-saving technique:


To learn more about this new CPR technique and the amazing doctors who invented it, Dr. Gordon Ewy and Dr. Karl Kern, from the Sarver Heart Center at the University of Arizona CLICK HERE: Sarver Heart Center

To VIEW and DOWNLOAD our Continuous Chest Compression CPR Infographic, that gives you instructions on how to do this technique,  Go HERE:




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