Happiness 52 Project
Happiness 52 Project


Golden Agers Rock! (www.GoldenAgersRock.com) is excited to announce the launch of HAPPINESS 52 PROJECT,* a simple program designed to inspire each of us to make someone happy once a week for the next 52 weeks! Anyone can do it, it needn’t cost a penny, and the benefits may be far-reaching.

Imagine being on the receiving end of a call from a friend with whom you haven’t spoken in a long time. There’s no agenda, no reason … your friend called just to say, “Hi, I was thinking about you and wanted to hear your voice.” Wouldn’t that make your day? Maybe even your week? What if that call happened to come on a day when you were feeling kind of down? A call like that could change — or even save — someone’s life.

Or how about getting a book in the mail (or over a cup of coffee, or in a Kindle-generated email) from a friend or acquaintance who tells you, “I couldn’t help thinking of you as I read it. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Or a photograph from a long ago event that you and your friend shared — a memory from the distant past? It could have come in the mail, via email, or as a post on your Facebook page. Wouldn’t that put a smile on your face?

Or maybe a recipe or a movie recommendation or an invitation to watch a sports event with them — or a thousand other things. Just to know that your friend thought of you and wanted to reach out to you in that way … that’s priceless.

That’s what Happiness 52 Project is all about: making someone happy — make just one someone happy, per week. All it takes is the desire to do something nice for someone, and taking a minute or two to do it. Just think, if you made just one someone happy each week, and they followed your example and made one someone happy too, what it would do toward uplifting the world, one person at a time. Please help us make it a world-wide movement. Do you know someone in another country? Or someone who knows someone in a foreign country? See how far your sphere of influence reaches. It all starts with putting a warm glow in the heart of just one person. Then doing it again next week, and the next week, and the next.

It’s said that happiness is a habit. At Golden Agers Rock!  we believe that spreading happiness can also become habitual. It may even be addictive.

The kinds of things you can do as part of Happiness 52 Project to make someone happy are limited only by your imagination.

Please watch this short video. We hope you’ll be inspired to participate in the Happiness 52 Project, and forward it to your friends and family members via emails, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & all your favorite social sites, and word of mouth. We invite you to visit this fan page (www.facebook.com/Happiness52Project) and share your stories about how you made someone happy, or how someone made you happy.

Happiness 52 Project - ebook
Happiness 52 Project Instructional eBook

Upon joining the Happiness 52 Project you’ll be able to download the instructional eBook we created to accompany it. Everything you need to get started and keep on track is included in this FREE eBook.

The Happiness 52 Project Guarantee

Our ironclad guarantee: By participating in the Happiness 52 Project, the person who benefits most will be YOU. Every time you make someone else happy a warm glow fills you — endorphins are released in your brain — and you just feel GOOD. Making someone else happy makes you happy too.

Happiness is a major component of good health, so, as you spread happiness, you’re actually improving your own health — a WIN-WIN. There’s simply no down-side to it.

As you become a spreader of happiness on a once-a-week basis, you may feel so good that you’ll want to do it more often. That’s okay. You won’t be breaking the rules. (There are no rules.) Please feel free to make it a “Happiness 365 Project,” if you wish. It’s also okay to spread happiness to people who are not on your list. And to be spontaneous: wherever and whenever you see that you could spread a little joy, go for it. E.g: A group of people having its picture taken by a group member. Why not step up and offer to take a picture of all of them together? It just takes a few seconds of your time and it will give them something precious. Bonus: It’ll make you feel good.

You’ll enjoy our “Make someone Happy” video, featuring Jimmy Durante:

How the Happiness 52 Project Came About

* This fanpage came about after watching a video by Internet marketer, Peter Garety. On Christmas Day 2013, Peter held a “customer appreciation” event in which he outlined the Happiness 52 Formula. My partner, Janiece Lint Gibson and I were so inspired by its simplicity and its message of hope and joy that we want to share it via GoldenAgersRock.com and a Happiness 52 Project fan page (www.Facebook.com/Happiness52Project).

Join the Happiness 52 Project using the form below:

We hope you’ll share the Happiness 52 Project with your friends and family, acquaintances … and even strangers.


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