Fun with the Grandkids: Spaghetti & Hot Dogs
A New way to Fix an Old favorite.

Ain’t it Grand?!

If you’re going to have the grandkids over for dinner or a sleepover, here’s a super-fun lunch or dinner dish they can make (with your supervision, depending on their age). It’s a new way to fix an old favorite and to have lots of fun with the grandkids.


  • hot dogs, cut in 3/4″ – 1″ pieces
  • vermicelli broken in half
  • pot of boiling salted water.
  • Have the kids poke several strands of vermicelli (or regular spaghetti) through the hot dog bits so that hot dog is in the middle.
  • Drop into boiling water.
  • Cook until pasta is done.
  • Pour into colander (or lift out with slotted spoon) to drain.
  • Serve with catsup or other sauce, or eat plain.


The grandkids will have fun making AND EATING them — and they’ll think you’re a really cool grandma or grandpa for letting them fix this new/old dish.

Ain’t it grand having fun with the grandkids?



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