Flexicons:  Our New Feature

Golden Agers Rock! is launching a new weekly feature we call “Flexicons.” It’s our made-up word for outrageous puns — “groaners.” It’s just for fun — at least, it’s our idea of having fun with words.

We twisted and tweaked “lexicon” — The words used in a language or by a person or group of people. (Merriam-Webster) — and came up with “flexicon” — Words used in a flexible manner to alter their meaning in the interest of good fun. (Carol Purroy). Then we pluralized it to “Flexicons.”

None of these “Flexicons” is original with us and we don’t know who the authors are, but we’re enormously and eternally grateful to those anonymous punsters with their brilliantly twisted minds. We welcome your contributions, too, and will add the best of them to our never-ending parade of Flexicons. Please write your Flexicon in Comments below.

Flexicons: One A Week

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This week’s Flexicon:


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