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House sitters take dream vacations all over the world practically free!

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Free Vacations
Housesitting Around the World


Golden Agers: Boomers, Seniors, Retirees, do white-sand beaches and warm tropical breezes beckon to you? Or a mountaintop cabin with spectacular views? How about an oriental garden in Asia with attached home? Or an island paradise? What if you could get free accommodations there for weeks or months … or even longer? How does a free holiday sound? If you love to travel and visit other cultures but are on a budget  — or simply have an adventurous spirit — housesitting may be your thing. It could provide Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Free Vacations.

Homeowners in more than 50 countries, including the U.S. and Canada, are seeking responsible, trustworthy people to look after things while they’re away. Many request retired people — singles or couples.  Thousands of housesitting opportunities await you, from London townhouses to renovated farmhouses in Tuscany, condos in Singapore and New York, to beachfront ‘Ohanas in Hawaii. Don’t want to go abroad? Housesitting possibilities may also exist within driving distance of your home. You’ll save money on hotels and restaurants in exchange for just being there and doing what you’d be doing if you’d stayed home,you’d stayed home,  i.e: occupy the home to discourage mischief, keep house plants and garden watered, pick up the newspapers and mail, and tend the animals and pool, if any. You’ll live like a local: meet local folks, shop in local markets, learn local history and culture, become familiar with local folk art and architecture. As an added bonus, most housesitting opportunities come with pets to cuddle and care for. In addition, you will provide a much-needed service to the homeowner.

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Free Vacations
Pets to cuddle

It’s the ideal vacation for a foot-loose and fancy-free retired person or couple who wants to travel or try out different retirement locales and lifestyles without it costing an arm and a leg. Golden Agers, it’s beyond your wildest dreams – Free Vacations!

Getting Started: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Free Vacations

You’ll be sent to so you can get started as a house sitter. Please read the rest of the article first so you’ll know  how to do it. But here’s the link (you’ll see it again later): click on this link:


Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Free Vacations


Step 1: Visit and register on and build your profile. Your profile enables the homeowner to understand who you are and why they should trust you in their home while they’re away. Their home is probably their largest single investment; you must assure them that it will be secure and lovingly cared for in your capable hands. In other words, if you want to take free vacations as a house sitter you have to market yourself. Your profile is your sales page.

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Free Vacations
House sitting around the world

Marketing 101 — Good Marketing:

  • provides the solution to the customer’s problem.
  • convinces the potential “buyer” of the benefits of using your product or service.
  • relieves the client’s fears and frustrations.

Put yourself in the homeowner’s shoes: what concerns might you have in arranging to leave your house and pets with with a stranger? Mine are as follows:

  • Will my home be well cared for in my absence?
  • Will all my belongings be there when I return?
  • Will my pets receive  loving attention?
  • Will the housesitter stand me up before we leave, or disappear before we return?
  • In the event of a crisis, will the house sitter(s) be able to handle the situation?
  • Will my garden and house plants be alive and thriving upon my return?

In your profile, tell them what they need to know about you to give them peace of mind while they’re away. For instance:

  • You are a reliable homeowner or tenant.
  • You have experience with pets and/or livestock.
  • Your word is your bond; you are dependable and trustworthy.
  • You are a gardener or handyman, good at problem-solving.
  • You are a non-smoker.
Free Vacations
Christ Church, New Zealand













Your profile should also include:

  • Your personal story. Who are you? What’s your life experience? What (pertinent) skills do you possess?
  • Specific benefits you’ll provide.
  • Photographs of you, your home and garden.
  • Photographs of you with your (or someone else’s) pets.
  • Excellent character references  — crucial if you have no prior housesitting experience. (Initially, I wrote my own, then asked friends to okay them.)
  • Glowing endorsements from previous housesitting clients. Use their comments as the basis for a written testimonial; write it up and ask their permission to use it.

For added credibility:

  • Offer a Criminal Record Check and proof of an International Driver’s License (AAA or your DMV office).
  • Built a personal website dedicated to your housesitting “career.” It’s easy to do: Click on  or and pick a domain name, such as (or whatever your name is), or make up something. They have readymade website themes for a small hosting fee. If you need help, ask a grandchild or neighbor kid to built it for you. Be sure to include all the information and photos listed above.
Free Vacations
Seaside Holiday

When you contact a homeowner the first time, suggest that they visit your website “ … for more information about me/us.” To stand out from the crowd and make the homeowner more comfortable with you and trusting of you, add a short video of yourself (yourselves). With today’s technology (e.g: a Smart Phone), it’s easy to do. This your website easier to find when homeowners search the Internet and can lead to direct contact.



Back to the House Sitter Website for your Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Free Vacations

When your profile is complete, select your Countries of Interest and set your Alerts for instant notifications of new postings (via email when a homeowner posts a Housesitter Needed ad applicable to your listings).

Click here to register and create your profile at

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Free Vacations


To increase your chances of getting a response:

  • Respond immediately to Alerts that interest you, but only if you fit their requirements. (If you’re a single woman apartment dweller and they’ve requested a couple with farm experience, you’re wasting your time, and theirs.)
  • Write a title in your email’s Subject line that will grab them. They may get dozens of responses so yours needs a “hook” to get their attention.
  • Personalize your response. If you fit their requirements, say so right up front. Be specific.
  • Direct them to your profile – the link is included with your reply (sent by the central house sitter website) – and provide your website address, if you have one. (I strongly recommend that you get one.)
  • Make your reply neat and professional: e.g: eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors. (Sloppiness here might make them think twice about entrusting their precious home to you.)
  • Just the facts, ma’am. Give them your information (see above) in your initial email but save your questions for later, after they’ve responded.

Once the homeowner has responded they’ll probably want to speak with you. If you’ve made it this far, chances are excellent that you’ll be picked. A face-to-face Skype conversation is helpful in establishing a trusting relationship. (Skype is a free online visual phone service, easy to set up. Do this before you submit your profile to the housesitting website, or get your profile started but keep it inactive until you’re ready.)

Free Vacations
Coastal Vacation



Interview tips:

  •  • Be professional.
  •  • Be punctual and prepared with your questions.
  •  • Before asking the homeowners questions, ask if they have any questions for you.

Most homeowners will let you know right then and there, or soon, if you are their choice for a    house sitter.






A few sample House sitting Listings for your Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Free Vacations:

  1. September 19 – October 13: Codrington, Australia: Looking for reliable house sitter to look after our property — a B & B — while we close the business and go on our annual holiday.Located in classic rural region on Ship Wreck Coast of Victoria. We ask that you spend a couple of days with us before we leave. Back-up support if needed, otherwise you’ll have total privacy.
  2. June 7 – 21: Rural Central Vermont.  Seeking mature, experienced person with home ownership experience to care for our spacious, modern, architect-designed house in beautiful country. 3000 sq. ft: 2 full baths, open living room/kitchen/dining, loft, library/playroom and screened-in porch. 2 indoor cats; special attention to diet is required.
  3. Mid-June (3-4 weeks): Pirkannmaa, Finland: Rural area, surrounded by forests. Peace & quiet & nature; excellent hiking. Feed the dog and cat; walk dog 3x day. Both friendly. Cottage — not fancy, but all conveniences. Mow lawn weekly and water plants.
  4. May 9 (2 weeks): Orinda, CA (SF Bay Area). Looking for retired, non-smoking, active, fit pet lovers. Must love dogs and cats. Our  two 50-pound Australian Shepherds love to go to the dog park and on walks. Our 2 cats are indoor only. House is 1952s quaint cottage on a hill. Convenient location: 5 mins. to restaurants, movie theater and BART (train) station: just 25 minutes to San Francisco. is now working with the top house sitting website and will be posting articles on Housesitting.


We’ll also have articles on the other side of the coin: the Homeowner. Would you like to leave your home and pets in good hands while you are gone? Please click here: click on this link:

Beyond your wildest dreams - free vacations
Homeowners: Click here to learn more

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