Amazon Products Discount Finder


Instructions for Using the Amazon Products Discount Finder:

1) Select your Country by left-clicking with your mouse – This will automatically connect you with the Amazon store in your area.

2) Select the appropriate product Category from the drop-down menu.

3) Select the appropriate product Sub Category from the drop-down menu.

4) Select the Discount parameters you desire – The default parameters are set from 50% to 100%.  Change them in the drop-down menus according to your preferences.

5) Select how you want the results displayed in the Relevance section:  Your options are: Bestselling,  Low to High, High to Low or by Customer Reviews.

6) Enter the price range you want to spend on the product you want to purchase.  (If you leave these fields blank, products in every price range will be displayed in the results.)

7) Type in the name of the product (and/or the manufacturer) you are interested in purchasing into the Keywords field.  Examples:  Samsung 46-Inch Slim Smart LED HDTV.  If you aren’t sure which make and model you want, you may enter a broader-term keyword such as: 46-inch flat screen TV.